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With projects as diverse as a beer company's slogans to the wording of the latest mobile phone apps, it is easy to see the complexity of today's world of professional translation services.

Transport, IT and the Globalisation of the world have made our world small but the barrier of language remains a constant, at least for now! Translation services are in ever-increasing demand in such a competitive world and we have played our part. Here are some of our latest projects.
Diploma Examination
Independent Partner for Setting, Moderating & Marking



All professional bodies & Institutions have to have standards.
Vietnamese Translation Services is the partner for the CIoL and the benchmark in Vietnamese-English. Need we say more . . . 



The "Comfort" brand


Updating the Comfort brand to the local Vietnamese market.

Unilever's advertising and promotion required our services for adaptive and professional transcreational thinking. Needless to say we thrive off projects like this.

Image of Unilever logo and products (with permission)
Logo of Keypoint Technologies (with permission)
Localisation of Adaptxt software for mobile devices


Developing the next generation of languages for this business, especially in mobile phone Apps, texting, search engine sourcing and predictive text technology was crucial to this international software developer.

Logo of HTV (with permission)
HTV (Ho Chi Minh City Television)
Voice-over & Translation


Vietnamese Translation Services has been doing repeated voiceover work for English/Vietnamese speaking documentaries and films in Vietnam.


Vietnamese Translation
Vietnamese Translate